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My Niece Maya is 7 and she can draw better than me, she is my cousin's daughter. Maya is very talented in drawing and coloring at her age. She draws in good detail and truly is an amazing budding artist. I know her drawings will mature as she ages and I am truly proud of her. My cousin's brothers are also good at drawing including one of my nephews, I guess art is really a talent on that side of my family. I wish I inherited some of that talent but it came short on my end, anyway I just try my best to improve my skill.

I know my art may seem so poor to most people but I am still struggling to do better. I know I need to improve in both drawing and in writing, there is a lot ahead of me. I don't know if I can catch up with the talent and growth of artists younger than me. I guess I truly need to do that 1000 pages of drawing exercise before I see any improvement in my art. I don't have the talent, but I sure do have a little bit skill to sharpen, it's been rusty for almost a decade. I drew the Toyz Comic back in 2012. Always moving forward and looking ahead.