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I uploaded new chapters for the ''Bunny Syndrome'' Novel. I know I still need to edit it a lot, there are some corrections since it is my first draft from many years ago. I know I have to go through my manuscripts at least three times to edit and polish it properly. I uploaded the chapters anyway for people to read. I am thinking of extending the story to a 100,000 word count for it to make some more sense but I am currently working on other things. I am thinking of creating other comics series, but my level of creativity and skill may remain the same for now. I want to write more when my schedule is good enough to focus on writing Novels.

I am going to focus on practicing drawing and making more comic pages for another series. The First finished
Manuscript is usually called the first draft then editing and polishing follows. Editing is a skill I want to develop, I am weak at Grammar but I try my best to do better at writing.