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Okay. Just this once, we are gonna do this.

With regards to chapter 14 of [The Propaganda Project -BETA-] we've honestly been hesitant to upload the recent updates because it tackled a social issue (which we never thought would still be timely at this point) that could prolly threaten our safety. We have the intent to raise awareness but we thought that we wouldn't be that stupid to jeopardize our safety. Some local artists who have been very vocal about criticizing the government even locked their accounts for their safety.
The Philippines' political situation lately has been intense, as our democracy is being threatened to be taken away. Why did we still push through with the update? It's because police brutality, corruption, fascism, and injustice don't just happen in one country; it exists in many parts of the world. We hope that you can also be aware of pressing matters in other parts of the world.

In 9 days, the Anti-Terrorism Bill, a law that sounds good, but sounds more like an Anti-Dissent Bill that threatens Filipinos' freedom to express and criticize the government, and overall, tramples on human rights and democracy, will be put into law whether the president signs it or not.

We hope that Filipinos and everyone all over the world will use the freedom they have to do what's right, because freedom is something that has been obtained through blood, sweat, and tears.

We apologize for making such a post. Take care, everyone! And stay safe!

P.S. Chapter conclusion's happening on the next update, btw. We'd like to give a heads up that it will contain more blood and violence ;w;