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Megosztva 9 hónapja

I love reading Manga both in print and online. Some Comics are free but we must remember we need to buy the books of the Authors in order to support them. It is a horrible feeling when nobody supports your work, Authors need to have a living too and need some inspiration and motivation to continue their work. Even the process of their work may cost something, their chance to survive as an artist in the industry is challenging. We must support other artists work who are just starting out not just the popular and famous ones.

I don't mind buying a Book if it will satisfy me as a reader even if it is self-published and independent. Most Authors today have to give away their works for free in order to get readers and stay away from the darkness of obscurity. I know people only look at talented art works, but they need to consider those who are just starting out. Some may laugh and criticize negatively at how unskilled or untalented an Artist or Author can be. But we need to consider how much effort and time they put on their work.