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Little update.... 10months since last one, ugh...

First of all, those who had a look on my novel and (still) waiting for the next chapter.
l'm sorry that, it goes this slow. l got a new work place, lots of stress, lots of work. So, sadly when l got home, l'm not always in the mood to write, just want to relax and such :x
Now, since l finally finished with all 4 Episodes in the game, l got more knowledge about the characters and what happened. Even though, l realized how badly l messed up the timeline XD
But l will make up for it! With knowing more about each character's personality, l can make things a bit more detailed.
And again, with finishing all Episodes, my mood to write again came back, since l got tons of ideas for newer chapters!

Thank you for understanding and sorry again xc

Best Regards