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I dont know what are you guys do but I the last time feel so Great! And i now start to serious make my Mangas.I dont know witch time you can read my stories becose i littebit thinking. So That is the situation i first time be put up on my Patreon tmy Manga and Fancomis. I know so many peopel dont happy this but i hope you understand. I wan to publish my works and i need supporters. But dont worry I think my prices is really cheeper. So this is the situation now:

Mount - $1
Every week be 3 pages 3 diffentg works.
- Supportes asking arts( only skech .)
- Doujinshi, Fancomic pages ( yet i dont know witch fancomic you can read the TMM or Gravity falls)
- Cursed Heart ch1 every week 1 page
- Legend of Moon Vampire prologue every week 1 page

Who supporting me more like $5
- I send them in letter present: bookmarks, buttoms, Posters
- Finish Chapters can download
- If wan to one copy for my Mangas I give cheeper

Well I think the prices is corect and not expensive. I hope you guys help me to my dreams come true. But who wan to read my works but cant support me that dont worry. I now dont know witch time but can read my works free. Just first I wan to finish some chapter and put up on my patreon. and who can wait to read new page for my manga that peopels only $1 can read on my Patreon page. I think its corect. Thank you so much! Se you later guys.

ps: sorry my really bad English. if you have eny question just ask :)