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I think i write down everithing so why i tell you later. So I was so like ti the VIECC It was really great and i was enjoy the CON. That was the best i meet my Austrian friends Denis , Roeun Suong and others! I was so excited this was my first time i do Artis Alley. They take so many cards to me and they was really like my artworks. It was going very good! The stal prices is come back and litebit more so i think its not bad :) . Well that is very sad i get very bad memories too and that was to much to me... I'm so down for this in spiritually so i now be breking a littebit. Well one person who i was really trus and i think we are very good friends and get out with me so and this person was very malicious withe me he thisperson really her me and my feelings and i dont know why becose i dont do anithing bad... So this now hurt me very deep. I dont know how but 100% i going to next year too. I just that can say to everyone its very good convertation and you guys need to go! The VIECC its really amazing!
I have that sad news I dont have money and today disconnected my Internet so... I just In December can be more active here... I just in sometimes be here...
Thats all guys see you later