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I am still at the point of developing and improving my skills in drawing and art. My First try on making a comic was when I was in High School back in 2001. I took some bond papers and folded it like a book and draw on them. I did not like my jokes back then so discontinued. Only in 2010 I got inspired by a Chinese Comic Artist named Xia Da, she became famous for looking childlike and have photos with a Play station portable in hand. But her comic art is very mature and really talented. J.K. Rowling the Author of Harry Potter was my inspiration for writing a Novel and as usual I am way far away from having the talent and skill of the Authors that inspired me.

I loved reading comics. I have read comics by Marvel and DC, Captain N ''The Game Master'' comics based on the cartoon, Disney comics also based on the cartoons, Comics of Magic ''the Gathering'' which was based on a card game. I also love reading Filipino made comics especially the horror ones and Funny Komiks when the comic industry was still at its peak in the Philippines. I also read comics on newspapers. Now I also consider reading Manga books and other foreign comics.