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I started writing stories when I was in High School, my classmates wrote interesting stories. Mine was an adventure story but it was not included in the class compilation of short stories because mine was so thick. Even back then I was still a newbie writer and maybe until now. I know there is a chance for me to improve in my writing and art, I just keep practicing so I don't give up on everything. I can only dream of reaching the level of the authors I idolize, I am sure some open minded people can appreciate my effort on my art and writing. For now my target is just making a lot of works until I can notice some improvement. I know that practice can develop your skills in the long run even if you don't see it in the early stages.

I still do take this as a hobby and not as a professional career. I admit that I will always be an amateur, willing to learn and ready to improve. I want to be a better writer and drawer, it may take me years before I reach my goal of getting better at this.