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I may be an Amateur when it comes to Writing and Drawing but I just don't give up practicing. I know that I can improve and develop my craft bit by bit at least. You got to love and be passionate about the work you do, so that you can continue doing it without any self doubts and lose confidence. Starting out as Artist and a Writer can be challenging if those people around you are already in the advanced level and its humbling when they are even a lot younger than you. Starting out late is really not an issue what matters is your inspired, motivated and driven to do what you desire, age is really just a number if you come to think that the soul never ages, only the body.

Practice is just like Physical exercise the more you do it and it becomes a routine. You can become better at it and can see the results, then it motivates to make it a habit. We continue to grow and develop, there is always room for improvement while limitations can be surpassed
. We do experience at some point in our lives some hurtful criticism regarding our works and sometimes some people want make us give up what we are doing. It is often traumatizing but we need to resist and continue to persevere to become better at what we do no matter what negative things people say about us. We just need to move forward and think positive and be optimistic.