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Hello Everyone how I promes I write some Informatation for my Works
Original wokrs:
I now working On Legend of Moon Vampire Prologue. This Pologue I be finish 2 years ago but i dont have time to complet Finish this Chapter.
So In November End be full up the Cursed Heart Prologue and After I be continue put up the Legend of Moon Vampire Prologue. I dont know how long time I need. But I now have that Plan after i be finish the Cursed Heart Chapter 1 I be start put here up. But every work i be first time put up on Patreon :)

Angel of hope is now on hiatsu. I yet dont know witch time i be continue but i first wan to finish some chapters and after i strt to put up.

Fan Works:
I now working on Gravity falls and Tokyo mew mew fancomic. I be finish soon the TMM chapter 2 and after i be finish Gravity falls ch 1. and if you guys want i be continue gravity falls :)

And i be write soon becose soon my patreon be start to working very hard :D