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Enchanting Floreav

I've been wanting to draw a fairy for a while now, and here he is, my new oc Florian. He was born in a Floreav flower patch and when he lays down on his stomach to take naps his wings fwhip up and look exactly like the Floreav flowers surrounding him. I'd like to think he's a bit of a loner but everyone, from ladybugs to bees, bother him and see what he's up to when he is making potions. Eventually he falls for a fungi (get it, get the joke der?).

I'm so happy with this because I actually painted this guy in a realistic manner, he looks like he's from a game, no refs, over 60 layers, and his nose and lips turned out GrEaT! Florian is now a source where I can go look at him and remind myself I am competent at art!

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