bowl fire

Hi Mangaido creators!

From now on, you can not only publish and translate comic series on Mangaido, but you can also earn money for it! Couple weeks ago we asked comic series creators what they think about Mangaido and how can we make it better. Majority of people told us that they are looking for a place where they could publish their work and be able to earn money for it. We strongly believe in sharing the things we do with the world, we also realize that some artists do need the additional cash for materials or their time to keep creating awesome things for everyone to enjoy. We closed ourselves in a basement for a couple of weeks in front of ours desks and voila! ;)


We created a currency - “COINS”. 1000 coins equals 1 USD. Comic series creators can set the price for accessing their chapters to anything from 0 to 1000 coins. When someone buys access to your chapter we automatically send coins to your account.


Users can send coins between themselves without any fees and limits.


You can withdraw money by exchanging coins that you collected to real money. The minimal number to be able to withdraw is 5000 coins (equivalent to $5). We pay directly to the paypal account you specify in your profile. 3.3% paypal fee will be deducted from your withdrawal (we also really hate the cost, but this is how paypal rolls. The good thing is that it’s not that big, pfew!).


From now on our website gives translators a great opportunity to earn money on their work. You can offer comic series authors your language skills and create translations in exchange for donations.

What does Mangaido get from it?

We take a small margin on selling coin packages that depends on coin package and we take 30% transaction fee from selling access to chapters to keep the platform running. That’s all.