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New comics reader is alllllmoooost there :P
I started working on it November 07 2017 and it took me much more time than I thought it will. I spend so much time on it that I'm really angry at myself :D I feel like this task made me to much out of work that is much more important, which is keeping you guys informed, happy and entertained about our community that in just one year grow soooo much!

New comics reader features:
- New "Book like" layout where you can read page by page by swiping sideways
- "Book like" reader gives artists possibility to show their works that were created with a book in mind
- "Book like" reader gives artists possibility to set reading direction - left to right or right to left
- "Book like" reader gives artists possibility to set first page as a book cover
- "Book like" reader will have special "Next" button that will highlight translation balloons automatically one by one
- but there is still default way of showing comics as a "webcomic" - page below page like it is currently
- artists can set color of reader's background on which comics is presented
- there is now a menu on the bottom of the screen with all necessary things like "Comments", "Translations", "Chapters" etc.
- From now on reader can keep track of which chapters they read and what is the current page they left reader

There is also some more improvements here and there but most important are the one I listed above. I created this reader with mobile devices on a first place and currently all the work that left is taking care of how reader is looking on desktops. I hope to finish this this week and show you results :D