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Posted higit 2 taon ago.
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I fixed new comics reader :D So from now on artists can set how they want their comics to be presented:
- Webcomic (scrolling down page by page)
- Book (layout similar to book - left and right page)

If you want to use Book layout remember that pages should have equal height (like pages in book). You can also set direction of reading (left to right / right to left). There is also an option to use first page as a book cover. So first page will be moved out of left/right book layout.

Artists can also set background color on which their comics will be presented - this is mostly important for Webcomic layout.

From now on Mangaido will store info about your reading progress and did you read entire chapter. Soon I will push update that will allow you to see reading progress on list of chapters (progress bar below chapter cover). I hope this is a nice step towards creating kind of bookshelf for readers - still lots of features needs to be done to fulfil this idea :D

Let me know what should be fixed first or if you'll find some bug I should fix. I'll be releasing updates more often now, since this huge release is finally finished :D I'm so happy :D