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Posted 9 buwan ago.

As an Amateur Writer:

I enjoy and love writing stories, it gives me a medium to express my imagination and create a new world. I know I am nowhere near the standard of professional writing but it is my passion to write. I love writing as a form of communication and an art, making it more of a meaningful and purposeful piece of work or to simply put it a way of expression. I love writing it is my passion, I know I don't have the talent but I can still improve my skill by practice and a lot of study regarding the craft. I know that correct practice makes perfect as my teacher once said in class ''practice is not doing the same things to improve, it is about being consistent in trying your best to become better each time.''

Man unexpressed is the greatest disability, we are all in need of a medium of expression. Writing is just one medium among many arts like visual arts and performing arts. I love to write because I love doing it and I am having fun, I know I need to develop my skill some more in art and in writing.