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There are just 3 of us. We're currently based in Warsaw, Poland. Me and Bartek are programmers that can build everything - it's always just a matter of time that we need to spend on a certain project. Karolina (my girlfriend) knows everything about Shoujo Manga and she is our guide. We're working as a team for 5 years now. The idea of Mangaido has started in the Fall of 2014. At the beginning we wanted to host Shoujo Manga of a biggest Japanese publishers (kind of Spotify for Manga) (old video: ). We had opportunity to take lot of money for this project from European venture capitals but we decided to take everything on ourselves. At the beginning of 2015 we flew to Tokyo to talk with Kodansha, Hakusensha, Shueisha, Kadokawa and some other publishers. Of course, all of them were not interested in further cooperation and they didn't seen any serious opportunity in such idea. Then, we went to Tokyo's Comiket and we saw thousands of amateur Japanese artists that was publishing by themselves their awesome comic series. We changed the idea of Mangaido and from that point we started to build website where artists from all over the world could publish their comic series to be translated to other languages by community. First version of Mangaido was ready at Fall of 2015 but we finished translation tool at the fall of 2016. This is the strongest side of Mangaido - translation tool. At the begining of spring 2017 we published our coin system and from now on every comic creator can earn money via our website. I am sure that at the end of 2017 we will grow to a big community of translators willing to help amateur artists by translating their artworks in couple of hours and that we gather here lots of talented artists. We're 100% committed to our mission - help artists by translations and good earning platform.

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